Give Me 1 Reason

How much are you willing to forgive?

About Us

The dream of every mother is for her son to follow his father’s footsteps. Except Theresa’s dream is a nightmare and his father’s footsteps are leading straight to the grave. How do you fight against the truth you’ve denied for so long? Who has the strength to forgive adultery and conquer addiction? 

Come see the dynamic cast of Vincent “J Kelz” Kelley (
Church Girl), Djuana Morton, Ashanti Edwards (Which Way is Up?) and newcomers, Trichse’ Duckworth (EMU Radio), Conrad Johnston, Nancy Dixson, D.W. Bass (Church Girl), Jaylen Boone and Alexis Street as they redefine forgiveness and restore your expectation of hope for the family unit in the newest offering from Crown Productions.



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