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How much are you willing to forgive?


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Jaylen Boone As Dre

Jaylen Boone is the youngest member of Crown Productions, yet his light shines as bright as the rest. He began singing before acting, so he is most comfortable singing. Jaylen won second place in a talent show held at Washtenaw Community College when he was in the 3rd grade! He has played the role of Jesus, nerd and a student. This is the first time I get to be an annoying little brother. “I have a lot of experience to pull from.”

When asked what was his favorite television show he replied, “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.” It relates to not only my family, but to my Christian background as well. Jaylen would love to portray a boy who has an amazing voice but he is to shy to let the world know. “I would like to show how he overcomes this obstacle because we all get a little shy to share our talents from time to time. This might help others.” Jaylen declares that Trisch’e is the funniest person in the cast. “My first time meeting her was odd because no one has ever made me laugh the way she did.” He went on to say that, “Conrad who plays Chuck; is most like his character. He’s very funny and he is a good person to advice from and he is so welcoming. On that same token, Vincent Kelley who play Tommy; is least like his character because unlike his character, he is a great dad to his children, and he would never cheat.” If Jaylen’s life was ever made into a movie, he feels that Evan Ross would be the perfect candidate to play the role because he like him and their acting abilities are similar.

Singing and acting is not all Jaylen does. He plays piano by ear, writes poetry and enjoys miming! “Yes I mime. This talent came unexpectedly. One day while sitting in on one of my Aunt’s dance rehearsal at church, I asked her why we don’t have a boy’s dance team. She answered, “Good question.” So we went to the pastor to get his permission to do so, and we gathered a group of young men and started the “Mimers of Grace.” We have performed for powerful speakers like Prophetess Joyce Haddon, Deitrick Haddon`s mother, Beatrice Gardnier, Barbra Calloway, and Carnell Murrell who helped me improve my vocals.” Jaylen is a shinning star in school as well. Currently he carries a 4.0 GPA with tons of accolades to accompany his high marks. I would like to be remembered as a seed growing that goes through rain, snow, heat, and changes, and will not stop growing until those obstacles are no longer a factor in my life.” Keep a close watch for this phenomenal young man.




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Nancy Dixson As Jacque

Growing up as a preachers kid (not a pastors Kid) there was so much expected of me. My whole family was involved in singing and music is simply where we came from. At the age of 7 is when my mother found out I could sing and I was always too shy to bring the voice forward. I sang in the church choir and sang lead for a few songs and concerts. Then when I turned 16 and auditioned for a group called “Extreme Praise” that recorded one album. I sang Soprano for that group for two years. My church then began to form a praise team of which I sang in for a few years. When I turned 22 I was going to Washtenaw Community College and decided to take my first Acting class. We began doing warms ups and we were given monologues to learn and present the following week for class.

When I stepped up to do the monologue I was playing a battered mother whom the government was coming to take my children because my husband was drafted into the Army and I had no means of supporting my children. When I began the monologue on stage I began to find a freedom in being someone else and embracing bringing a character on paper to life.

After I was finished I received a standing ovation and the instructortold me she had never seen a beginning actress be such a natural in all the years of her teaching. That’s WHEN I FELL IN LOVE! From then I was in a play called “ the funeral” playing the niece of the dead man whose wife was stealing all his money, Also another stage play called “ THIS CHRISTMAS” as the mother. I went on to do improv theatre and now finishing my bachelors degree at Eastern Michigan University in “Communication and Theatre Arts”. I continue to sing for the Lord at my church and throughout the community all while pursuing my Acting career.



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Ashanti Edwards as Danielle

HELLO ALL!!! It's none other than.... Ashanti Freeman-Edwards, of Ypsilanti, Michigan. She has been developing her musical gifts of singing and reciting poetry since age five. Deeply rooted in the church, her family supported her passion to pursue music career and now stage performance. In her youth, she was given the opportunity to become a student of Mattie Moss-Clark Conservatory School of Music in Detroit, Michigan. There she focused studying piano and vocal training. At the age of 16, she became a member of group Detroit V.O.I.C.E. under the directionof Bill Moss Jr. As a result, she lent my talents as background vocalist on The Bill Moss Jr. project, Manifested Favor: Live in Detroit.

In 2004, she became a background vocalist for PAJAM-MUSIC under leadership of producers Paul "PDA" Allen, Walter Kearney, and J. Moss. After meeting all requirements of the auditioning process, she soon began recording in the studio, and traveling along side gospel trio 21:03, and Tracy Bryant of gospel group RAMIYAH on CD projects such as Top 25 Gospel Praise and Worship Songs, Byron Cage: The Proclamation and Bobby Jones The Ambassador.

During that time, she created awesome memories being blessed to travel the country with many recording artists and is truly grateful for the growth and development she experienced touring with J. Moss as a background vocalist. And also blessed to minister on the stage of the 2008 Gospel Stellar Awards,Atlanta's 2008 Front Row Live, 2009 TBN, and 2010 Atlantic City GospelFest. Soon following, Ashanti learned of auditions being held for the hit stage play "Which Way is Up" in which she was cast to play the role of Mia.

Between all the traveling, studio recordings and rehearsal times, Ashanti loves to spend time with her family. She is a very family oriented woman. Recently she had been asked a array of questions, wanting to know who is Ashanti?...  Ashanti is a hard worker and mother. She enjoys watching reality shows such as ATL Housewives, Love and Hip Hop and The Braxtons. Even though the shows are filled with nothing but drama, Ashanti thinks she would love to play a drama filled role, it's so outside of her character, as it would be something different. The question that stood out the most. If my life was a movie, who would play Ashanti?. One wonderfully, talented women stuck out like a sore thumb. The fabulous Jill Scott. Ashanti has been told on many occassions that she favors her in looks and vocal ability.

Ashanti is a woman that loves to reinvent herself within her two life long passions. Being a hair designer at Penthouse Hair Designs in Ypsilanti and continuing to develop her God given musical gifts of song and theater. Ashanti is also currently a student at Washtenaw Community College studying in Arts of Music. In the fall of 2013 she hopes to continue her studies at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to pursue a degree in Performing Arts Theater and Opera.



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D.W. Bass as Michael

D.W. Bass was always meant to be an actor, just ask his family.  Since the time he could walk and talk, he has been up in front of people and performing; a song, a play, performing on a musical instrument, you name it.  It just seemed to come natural to him as he truly enjoys entertaining people. As early as elementary school Daris had an open fascination and a hunger for the arts. He began to harness that craft by participating in various community theater productions as well as joining the North Star Theater Organization. Daris also is a member of the Gospel Zone improvisation team as well as performing musically on percussion for various artist and groups. 

DW Bass has appeared in various Stageplays such as Unequally Yoked & Church Girl!! He has also appeared in a commercial for The Hilton Suites & as an Extra in the movie Reel Steal. In the city of Southfield He studied Computers & Electronics at Everest & Siena Heights University before realizing that wasn’t really his passion. He promptly announced to the world he would be an actor and hasn’t been taken seriously since. DW lives in Pontiac where he works as an actor. His most recent Stage appearance was in Deranged (Toronto Canada). In his free time DW enjoys playing Drums for churches as well as connecting with fellow actors on social websites like Facebook ( twitter ( & Linkedin ( DW would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to see the show as well as his Family & Friends for all of their support.


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Vincent "JKelz" Kelley as Tommy

Mr. Vincent J. Kelley, some would call a force to be reckoned with. This triple threat is leaving no stone unturned when it comes tousing the talents and abilities God has blessed him with. As a young man at theage of 6, he took to the stage for his first time and never left. From Major stage plays working with professionals such as Robin Givens and Sean Blakemore,to sharing the stage with artists such as Karen Clark Sheard and R&B Sensation Ginuwine, to traveling the United States as a musical guest with Pastor Rod Parsley (World Harvest Church- Columbus, OH) on various TBN broadcasts and the Word Network.

When asked what is his favorite television show, he replied, “Family Guy. It’s one of the few places I can go and just totally let go. I don’t have to think, I don’t have to lead. All I have to do is sit back and relax, and laugh.” The role he would love to play is one of a villian or mob boss. “It’s something totally against my character. When the question of if your life was made into a movie who would you like to play you? Vincent chuckled and said, “Good question…probably Reuben Studdard ! LOL.” To Vincent the funniest person in the cast is definitely Trische’ and he is the one who is the least like their character. “I love my wife! Only!”

 Vincent has also performed the national anthem for the Detroit Pistons and Magic Johnson's Round Ball Classic along with . In 2010, Vincent became the newest member of the Soul Fixin Music family and is currently working on his upcoming album.


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DJuana Morton as Theresa

DJuana has been singing or acting since she could walk. She began acting in her Aunts plays at church for different holidays, yet her most memorable moment of acting was when she was on the stage of “Which Way is Up?”and 500 people cried out in agreement with what her character Regina Wilks had to say. "Knowing that people were able to connect to story and weren’t afraid to share that connection was magical for me. I am officially hooked. The stage is where I want to be.

When it’s time to relax, DJuana likes to watch Love And Hip Hop. “I have always had a soft spot for romance and an attraction to hip hop.When the writer found a way to melt the two together, I was in heaven.” She feels a strong connection to Tahaja P. Henson and would love for Tahaja to play her if her life were ever made into a movie.

A poll was taken amongst the cast as to who were the most and least like their character as well as the funniest. DJuana voted Conrad andMia as most like their character.  “Mia is my sister in Christ in real life so her being my sister on stage is just perfect. Conrad is this smooth talking dad who learned a thing or two along the way. He is my grandfather in the play and I can’t see where Conrad ends and Chuck begins. When it comes down to the funniest, no one tops Trische’. She keeps us in stiches! It doesn’t help that her character is a mess too. You are really in for a treat when you see her on stage.  I have to vote myself as the least like their character, even though I am beginning to see more and more of me in her. As a woman in love, we have all been naïve a time or two before, and we have turned a blind eye to the negative things our love has done for the sake of love, while justifying it with a he will change or worse I will help him change. I just would never handle it the way Theresa does. She is quiet and sweet almost all the time. I’m just sweet almost all the time.”

DJuana Morton is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Whenever she needs inspiration, she just turns to her photo albums. Looking at her singing as a youth brings back the passion she has always had for the craft. DJuana has been apart of several groups in the South East area including” Grace and Poise, United Voices of Praise, Power of Praise, First Class, Clockwork, Noteworthy and now solos her own talents.  “This year I have come out of my comfort zone and allowed the music I have written to be heard by others. In fact, one of the songs in “Give Me 1 Reason” is written by me,. I am so honored for the opportunity. Most of all I enjoy the people I met through Crown Productions and the spiritual connections we have made to one another as well as the audiences we touch.”





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Trische' Duckworth as Aunt Mae Etta

Trische’is the host of “The Truth” an internet radio show filled to the brim with inspirational talk and music from Eastern Michigan University’s “Eagle Radio”. And when she is not busy producing her show, she is cultivating her love forpeople as she earns her degree in social work. “I am so thankful to have completed my Associate’s degree, and am climbing to further complete all the necessary schooling to affect change, and help people to best of my abilities. ”When asked who is least like the character they play, Triche’ replied, “ It’s a two way tie between Diamond and Vincent. They both have difficult roles to play because no one wants to be the villain, but someone has to do it. I’m glad it’s not me.”

Because Trische’ is a newbie to theater, she would love to play roles that are meaningful and bring a positive message to help others. But deep down she would rather play a challenging role that is very different from herself, just too really get to the depth of embracing that character and have a better understanding of why they do what they do. According to her; the funniest person of the cast is yet to be revealed because they all have such a blast! Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay focused because we enjoy each other so.

When Trische’ want to relax, she watches her favorite television show First 48. She loves the suspense of it all, and also thinks about what if she could work that job and just have the HOLY SPIRIT to help her solve eachcase because DADDY is for justice! Trische’ was asked: If her life was made into a movie, how would she like to play herself? She replied, “I would be more inclined to I would play myself, as I would encourage us all to do, because GOD uniquely made us all, we all have our own story to tell, and I wonder if anyone could do a better job at than us”

Trische’ embodies the scripture a cheerful heart is good medicine. So without a doubt, she holds the number spot of being most like their character. “Aunt Mae Etta is a mess with a big heart!  She softens the blows of truth with laughter. I just love being a part of her. Thank you for allowing us to share this message with you, and I pray it reaches your heart in a way that will be life changing. God bless you!!!



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Conrad Johnston as Chuck

Although he's making his stage debut in " Give Me One Reason" Conrad has always had a Passion for theater. Originally from Brooklyn, NYC Conrad remembers seeing the stage play the " Wiz" on Broadway and how fascinated he was by not only the stage production but also how the actors captivated the audience from start to finish and it was at that moment he knew that was what he wanted to do. When asked what is his favorite tv show he stated Sanford & Son not only for the comedy but also the relationship displayed between father and son. Conrad was asked if he could play any role what would it be and he stated Richard Pryor. When asked why Conrad said that in the midst of Richards own pain he always tried to others deal with the pain they we're going through not just by laughing at his but trying to find the humor in their own.

When asked who is the funniest person in the play I would have to say hands down Trische Duckworth who plays the character Aunt Mae Etta her character was real on paper but Trische brings her alive. I was who is the most like their character and I would have to say myself because just like Chuck I believe if you make God the head of your life you can make it thru any problem. The person I feel that is least like their character is Vincent Kelly who plays Tommy and unlike Tommy, Vincent is a man after God's heart and he loves and respects his wife. You know some one asked me to "Give Me One Reason" why they should see this play and I told them number one because it's God filled and not only that I believe it has a message for everybody, I also want people to see my testimony and know that when I stopped letting FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and let faith guide me, I've been going in the right direction every since. This isn't the last you"ll see. Take Care and God Bless!!!


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