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Quotes You all are anointed by God to deliver deliverance to the masses. I know you may hear this a lot, but get ready!!! God has heard your cry and has deemed you worthy! Do not fret about the size you see now. Because were willing to give your all to few, God has made you ruler over many. Tell your employees to get their affairs in order. Because elevation is swiftly coming! Al your needs are met, and the desires of your heart have been given! In Jesus name! Praise Him now because it is already done! Quotes
Charlene McCalaster
Get Ready!!!!

Quotes I just wanted to say to you and your cast, thank you so much for obeying the call of the Lord!! I didn't get a chance to speak with you at the play, but for years I have privately hated myself. I would smile in everyone's face and cry on the inside all the while. I was ready to give up. I decided to give myself a treat and go see your play instead of a movie and OMG! From the beginning to the end your cast spoke to me! I will never forget the words, "If you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to?" From that moment on I hear Theresa (sorry I can't remember her real name) telling me that. It's because of that one line I have a new lease on life. I now look forward to waking up in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for breathing new life into me! I pray God's blessings upon all you put your hands to. Quotes
Thank you!

Quotes I came to your show this past weekend and I went to work telling my co-workers about the great time I had watching your play. To my surprise I found out I work with someone you know! She began to share some of your life story with me and after hearing what God has brought you through, I was compelled to come ask you to turn your life story into a play. You must share it with the world. Well in the meantime; you have a fan for life. Everything was just beautiful! Quotes
Please Write Your Story

Quotes I am not one to admit this often but your show made me cry! Please tell Mr. Kelley that his delivery of the song One More Chance was on point. Being a man, I understand the need to beg at times, and he was begging! I've joined the mailing list so I can know when he perform again. Everyone else did a great job but he and I, well we connected. Quotes
Great Show

Quotes I have been to a lot of local plays in hopes of being thoroughly entertained. Many of these productions have been let's say disappointing and that's putting it mildly. So when I came to see this one I did not expect much. From the first scene to the last you knocked my socks off! I stayed engaged until the end. Believe me when I tell you, that I have seen hundreds of productions and I don't give compliments lightly. But your play is truly a well hidden gem that needs to be shown to all. I am encouraging all of my fellow thespians to join me in supporting this run. Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to future productions. Quotes
Sabrina Hollingsworth
More Than I Expected

Quotes We need more of the older generation to step up and take a bat and hot wheel tracks to the head of the younger generation! Someone has to speak into their lives! Thank you for being that voice. If you didn't make a million dollars, you should have! Keep the faith. It's on the way. Quotes
Nicole Davis
Hot Wheel Tracks & Bats

Quotes All of my adult life I have used one sorry excuse after another to not give my heart away because of how I've seen the women in my family treated. I never once asked why they put up with so much. I just determined in my heart I wouldn't be part of that group. I never thought that just maybe it didn't start out that way, or maybe the men in my family were just as broken as the women. Your play made me think. I need to stop looking for what I can get out of a relationship and begin looking at what i can give. I'm willing to pull down the walls that have isolated me from being loved. I hope your message goes around the world and back again. Don't give up and don't give in, because there are a lot families out there to mend. God Bless, Quotes
New Lease on Life

Quotes Hello Mrs. Brooks, Great production. The only complaint I have is it's over. The songs were amazing, the message was clear, the dialogue superb. Will you put this play on DVD? I would love to have this in my library. Quotes
Great Production

Quotes Does Andre have a girlfriend, because he is so cute! Can't wait to see him again. Quotes
Fan For Life
So Cute!

Quotes Why wasn't the place full? This show is off the chain! Keep up the great work! Quotes
You Better Ask Somebody!

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